Falling in Every Direction

Falling in Every Direction is the artistic practice of Francesca Hyde, a circus artist. Her work is deeply rooted in Academic topics such as Feminist New Materialism, as shown in her latest show/relation with Tank. Francesca is also part of the circus collective ‘Collectif and then…’.


Falling in Every Direction

Our Role

Visual Identity / UX/UI / Web Design / Web Development


Francesca Hyde was looking for a website that could reflect/participate in her experience as a circus artist. Her immediate needs were for the site to be accessible and to use open source fonts designed by women. During the research process, we started to imagine an interactive experience with hand-drawn elements, to mirror Francesca’s dynamic yet reflective practice. The final result was an eccentric layout with the look and feel of a personal diary or journal, complemented with various animations.

Digital Assets


“We couldn’t be happier with our experience of working with Cecilia. I have never been so excited by web design – they had such an intuitive and informed grasp of where I was coming from, what I wanted/needed and how to portray that through the website. Their ability to get across necessary information whilst attending to identity and narrative has been a delight to discover. They gave a perfect balance between listening and offering creative input. The response and feedback I have had about the website have been overwhelmingly positive.”

– Francesca Hyde, Falling in Every Direction