Firefly Advising

Firefly is a consultancy service led by Arden Everson. They help people to articulate what they need to be happier at work, and help businesses create environments where people can thrive. We were starting from point zero with Firefly, helping the enterprise create a unique visual identity and launch their first ever website. Exciting stuff!


Firefly Advising

Our Role

Branding / UX/UI / Development



Creating the website was a lot of fun as it meant playing with the shapes and motifs we’d created during the branding process. We created a range of interactive components to spark a sense of curiosity and wonder. For example, the information cards on the homepage flip when you click on them, and particular content pieces only appear when the user interacts with them.

The idea behind high user-interaction was to create a memorable and meaningful experience. Because of the simple site structure, almost all of the functionality remained the same for mobile and table, aside from some of the hover effects, which were dependent on a desktop cursor.

Modular Layout


“I absolutely loved working with Lutalica on my branding and website. I get compliments at least once a week related to the great work you did — thank you for bringing my vision of a joyful brand to life and being such wonderful humans to work with!”

– Arden Evenson, Founder of Firefly Advising