I'm From Driftwood

I’m From Driftwood collect oral histories from people in the LGBTQIA+ community, and share them via their website, YouTube channel and podcast series. IFD’s mission is to tell LGBTQIA+ people around the world that ‘you exist, you matter, you belong.’ We re-designed and developed IDF’s website, and created a new visual identity for the organisation.


I'm From Driftwood

Our Role

Branding Refresh / UX/UI / Web Development

Brand Refresh

The IFD colour palette is bold and simple. We used a lot of whitespace in the design, as well as a super pale pink background, light grey and mint green, each contrasting with the hot pink and intense black. The bold colours are primarily used as accents to let the video stills and photography take precedence.


I’m From Driftwood was designed in a modular layout and developed on WordPress. This means IFD are able to add new content to their site, without getting a developer involved. The categories allow users to navigate quickly to what interests them most, and the repeated block layout gives enough information about the stories, without being overwhelming.

The website is fully responsive, according to the device a visitor is using. For example, on mobile videos take up a full screen, and buttons are about the size of a finger tap, aiding accessibility. Tablet is also re-sized for optimal UX, resembling the desktop layout on the homepage, and mobile for navigation experience.