Vagina-nomics is a feminist platform de-stigmatising pleasure through art and design. We produced two magazines, organised events and brought together like-minded artists from a variety of disciplines. Vagina-nomics attempts to normalise the conversation around taboo subjects such as sex life, sexual health, body positivity, female empowerment and gender equality.



Our Role

Visual Identity / Editorial / Art Direction / Web


Website and Digital Assets

The branding for Vagina-nomics had multiple iterations, as well as the website. Built from scratch on WIX, the platform hosts a blog and an e-commerce section.


Some people from the team of Vagina-nomics behind a table with frames, issues and pins for sale in a pop-up shop.

The first two-day pop-up shop was at UAL: London College of Communication in November 2018.

Some people from the team of Vagina-nomics behind the pop-up shop table with a roll-up poster. Two people from Vagina-nomics with a smaller pop-up shop and one of them is waving.

Pop-up shops in UAL: Central Saint Martins (left) and UAL: Camberwell College of Arts (right).


Core Team

Cecilia Righini on the left and several issues of Vagina-nomics on a white background on the right.

Cecilia Righini (they/them)
Creative Director

Founder and Creative Director of Studio Lutalica, Cecilia is a Design Manager and Creative Director specialised in Gender and Sexuality. They hold a BA (Hons) in Design Management and Culture and an MA in Gender, Media and Culture. They volunteer for LGBQ+ not-for-profits and have been involved in and produced multiple design projects for academic institutions. Visit their website/portfolio at

Gabriela Dittrichova on the left, an infographic with a title 'Femme Palette' on the center and some people clapping on the right.

Gabriela Dittrichova (she/her)

Self-love and self-compassion writer and blogger. Gaby is an operations manager by day and a mindful copywriter by night. During her Design Management studies in London, she co-founded a feminist magazine Vagina-nomics. You can read more about her work and collaborate on

Catarina Bernardi on the left, a colorful illustration of people and some Durex products on the right.

Catarina Bernardi (she/her)
Head of Illustration

Catarina was born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil and moved to London in 2017 to pursue a BA (Hons) in Illustration and Visual Media at UAL: London College of Communication. She started her career as an illustrator, working with manual techniques and selling her work at independent art fairs. Further in her studies, she became more interested in visual communication and found her space within creative agencies, working mainly with graphic design and art direction. So far in her creative journey, she had the opportunity to work with clients like TAG Heur, Domaines Barons de Rothschild, Absolut, Andros, Pepsi, Têtu and others. Visit her website/portfolio at