the part of your identity that doesn’t fit into categories
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the part of your identity that doesn’t fit into categories
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5 Feminist Podcasts We Think You Should Know About

Article by Anežka Turek

5 Feminist Podcasts We Think You Should Know About


Anežka Turek

What better way to feed your brain than a feminist podcast? Whether you listen on your daily commute, in the bath or at work, podcasts can illuminate stories and perspectives that aren’t always picked up by mainstream media.

An accessible way to open your mind and learn new things, podcasts have a unique way of presenting information in an engaging and conversational style, often including interviews and discussions that highlight diverse peer perspectives and real-world experiences.

Once a platform for amateur audio-makers, podcasting is now pretty serious business, with 21.2 million streaming in 2022 alone. Today, we’re hoping to add to that number by recommending our top 5 Intersectional Feminist podcasts. Starting in no particular order:

The Polyester Podcast

Founded by Polyester, a self-published, intersectional feminist arts and culture magazine, the Polyester Podcast dissects pop culture discourse in a weekly podcast. The podcast aims to ‘bridge the gap of URL cyberfeminism with the IRL world’, and we’re here for it!

Episode recommendation: How Misogynists Are Using Infographics & Pseudoscience To Fuel Anti-Feminism (27th of March 2023)

Black Feminist Rants

Black feminist rants is an independent podcast that focuses on new voices in Reproductive Justice and Black Feminist movements, especially those of Black women, femmes, and queer people.

Black Feminist Rants is leading an important cultural and narrative shift around the way we discuss abortion access, reproductive autonomy, and racial justice.

Episode Recommendation: Episode 38 – Financial Activism: Investing in the future we want to see with Doula, Sabia Wade

What makes us stronger

Perhaps more pertinent now than ever, What Makes Us Stronger is a series by Women for Women International, an organisation which supports women who are often forgotten and overlooked — the survivors of war and conflict.

What Makes Us Stronger features the voices of courageous women who’ve lived through unbelievably difficult times in countries including Afghanistan, Syria, and South Sudan. The podcast explores how each of them took on new roles and found the strength to keep going.

Episode Recommendation: More to me than Refugee (June 2022)

Intersectional Feminism—Desi Style

Intersectional Feminism – Desi Style, is a feminist podcast based in India. The latest season explores the nuances of gender in the workplace and features, women, trans+ and queer individuals from a number of different fields including journalism, politics, social work, sports, business and more.

Episode Recommendation: Season 3, Episode 5 – Un-stereotyping the female artist Ft. Indu Antony


Propaganda, founded by Bitch Media, is a bi-monthly investigative deep dive podcast, which looks into intersections of pop culture and feminism.

Hosted by Carmen Rios, the podcast examines the negative messaging embedded into mass-produced capitalist media and trends targeted at women, while also reclaiming what we love about them for ourselves.

Episode Recommendation: Propaganda Revisited: Queering Family Values (May 2019)