the part of your identity that doesn’t fit into categories
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the part of your identity that doesn’t fit into categories
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Studio Lutalica is a design and consultancy agency for feminists and queers, run by feminists and queers. But just because we’re proud of our identities, doesn’t mean we’re an exclusive club! We work with brands, organisations and individuals who share our commitment to improving the lives of women and LGBTQ+ people. Like the communities we represent, our work breaks down boundaries and challenges expectations.


‘I would describe Lutalica as colourful but also pastel’, summarised a team member. ‘Both cheerful, full of energy, lively, rock-n-roll style but also with a very harmonious and elegant sense of belonging both in ourselves and between ourselves.’

We are thrilled to work with a wide range of Feminist and LGBTQ+ individual and organisations. We welcome difference, but will not compromise on our core values.


Fighting for gender equality, diversity and inclusion isn’t a box-ticking exercise for us: it’s a priority.



We are challenging the status quo by providing bespoke services for underrepresented communities. We are motivated by our desire to challenge expectations and shift perceptions. 



We give creatives from the Feminist and Queer communities the chance to grow in a safe environment where their values ​​will not be an obstacle to their success.



Everyone at Studio Lutalica should feel like a solver, a helper, a changemaker. We are building a strong community of engaged people who are ready to make a difference.



We are a proud team of caring, strong, creative and open-minded professionals who share many of the same values; but freely acknowledge where we differ. 



We respect the dignity of every human with all their differences. We believe that no one should be judged on the basis of their ability, age, ethnicity, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation or class.



We strive to do our best for clients, whether they’re a small business or an international charity, without compromising the wellbeing of our team.



Lutalica’s focus is on furthering gender equality and LGBTQ+ rights globally, and we can’t meet these objectives without environmental justice. We take responsibility for minimising our environmental impact in the day-to-day choices we make as a business.



We are in a perpetual ‘learning phase’. Studio Lutalica are a team of experts in their field, but we don’t make the mistake of assuming we know everything. We value listening as much as speaking, and question our beliefs, whilst staying true to our principles.



We bring our ethics to the office. Studio Lutalica believes politics and identity can and should be part of the working environment. 

Studio Lutalica was born out of Cecilia Righini’s passion for design and activism. An advocate for design as a tool for transformation, their work aims to support Feminist and Queer communities. Defying boundaries on every level, the name ‘Lutalica’ means ‘the part of your identity that doesn’t fit into categories’.

Studio Lutalica’s team is mostly made of people who identify as women or within the LGBTQ+ community, groups that continue to be underrepresented and marginalised in design spaces.

We aim to work with companies who share our commitment to diversity, inclusion and accessibility; as well as to sustainability. Our focus is on gender and sexuality, but we are resolutely against planetary, disability and racial injustice.

We work with freelance creatives from all around the globe! Meet the core team:

Cecilia Righini (they/them)
Founder and Creative Director

Nathalie Combes (she/her)
Project Manager

Lily Hannigan (she/her)
Communications Manager

We are committed to tailoring the prices of our services according to the budget and the scale of the social impact of each client/project.

Because our aim is to support Feminist and LGBTQ+ communities, our quotes take into account a number of criteria (country, sector, etc.) and we are working towards offering pro-bono design services.