the part of your identity that doesn’t fit into categories
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the part of your identity that doesn’t fit into categories
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Studio Lutalica is a non-profit design and consultancy agency for feminists and queers, run by feminists and queers. But just because we’re proud of our identities, doesn’t mean we’re an exclusive club! We work with brands, organisations and individuals who share our commitment to improving the lives of women and LGBTQ+ people. Like the communities we represent, our work breaks down boundaries and challenges expectations.

Meet our team

Core Team

Cecilia Righini


Founder + Creative Director

Cecilia is an empathetic leader and a creative problem solver. They founded Studio Lutalica in 2020, bringing together their passion for design and social justice. Before founding Lutalica, Cecilia launched the magazine Vagina-nomics, managed web projects for Lattimore and Friends, and headed up marketing for LGBT+ youth charity Mosaic Trust as a volunteer.

🎓 BA Design Management and Cultures
🎓 MA Gender, Media and Culture
🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Edinburgh

Nathalie Combes


Project Manager

Nathalie is fascinated by the social impact of design and technology. Her combined design and management background help her deliver projects smoothly and effectively. She enjoys the enriching qualities of teamwork and communicating with people from all backgrounds and specialisms.

🎓 BA Design Management and Cultures
🎓 MA Digital Media
🇬🇧 London

Lily Hannigan


Communications Manager

Lily is passionate about language and overcoming obstacles through communication. She helps Lutalica, and a handful of other clients, connect with their audience. Having spent the first three years of her career as Marketing Lead for a fast-growing startup, Lily now principally works with social enterprises and small businesses.

🎓 BA (Hons) English and History of Art
🎓 MA Arts & Cultural Management
🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Edinburgh

Lou Brown


Business Development Manager

Lou is motivated by connecting with people and facilitating positive change. Before starting at Lutalica, they founded Goodstrangevibes, an art business with a focus on mental health, body image, LGBTQ+ topics and sex education. Multitalented, they bring creativity, energy and their experience in brand development to every project they work on.

🎓 BA in Politics, Psychology and Sociology
🇬🇧 London

Project Team

Alaïs de Saint Louvent


Design Lead

Alaïs believes that a deep understanding of client needs shows itself in the finished work. That’s why she pays particular attention to research and discovery, which grounds her designs in wider narratives. Her portfolio encompasses a range of approaches and projects, but she has particular expertise in branding and web design.

🎓 BTS Graphic Design
🎓 MA Graphic Communication Design
🇬🇧 London

Zoe Tang


Graphic Designer

Zoe is a self-starter who brings creative solutions to design projects. She has experience from a diverse range of sectors, including B2B, NGO’s and commercial projects. Zoe is particularly interested in the way audiences encounter and interact with the work she produces. She specialises in branding, web design and illustration.

🎓 BA Architecture
🇬🇧 London

Federica Minini


UX/UI Designer

Federica is as passionate about product design as she is about creating digital experiences that are accessible and stimulating. She has a comprehensive understanding of user needs thanks to her background in both tech support and product design. Federica’s eagerness to create something new with every project, that will exceed user expectations, is apparent in her impressive portfolio.

🎓 BSc Product Design
🎓 MA Industrial Design
🇬🇧 London

Sofiia Bondarenko


Technical Strategist + Developer

Sofiia approaches every project with a sense of curiosity. Unafraid of challenges, she keeps her skills up-to-date by attending regular professional development courses, and learning about the latest features in the world of web development. She specialises in front-end development, JavaScript and WordPress.

🎓 BA Law
🇨🇦 Toronto

Nata Sheketa


WordPress Developer

Nata specialises in front-end web development. She loves the immediacy of front-end dev; the way small changes in code can produce starkly different results. She also enjoys custom animation, and is currently developing skills in this area. Before the war in Ukraine, Nata really enjoyed travelling. But the events of 2022 forced her to change her priorities. She now has a greater appreciation for the present moment and the incredible capacity people have to adapt and care for one another.

🇺🇦 Lviv

Lisa Komoltseva


Webflow Developer

Lisa is a self-taught web developer who found their niche in web development, thanks to her natural problem-solving skills. They have a range of interests and have amassed knowledge in fields such as physics, astronomy and environmentalism alongside design and development, but all of this is off her own back. Lisa specialises in Webflow, accessibility and website performance. They especially welcome work from non-profit organisations and purpose-driven start-ups.

🇬🇪 Tbilisi

Gloria Ataa Sekyere


QA Engineer

Gloria is as perceptive about design technology as she is about people, and brings a wealth of experience from industries including energy, biotech and design. Gloria is passionate about mental health, and one day hopes to use her skills, resources and platform to join the fight to liberate LGBTQ+ persons in her country, and the rest of Africa.

🎓 BSc Computer Engineering
🇬🇭 Accra



Our Feminism is Intersectional

At Studio Lutalica, we stand unwaveringly for intersectional feminism. In practice, that means our identity, practices and purpose are guided by the belief gender equality isn’t possible without addressing all social inequalities.


No LGB Without the T

We are fundamentally trans-inclusive. Our aim is to represent the needs of all members of the queer community, whilst recognising that the rights of trans people are particularly under threat in the current landscape.


We are Committed to Design Excellence

We take immense pride in our work. Every project we undertake is a testament to our commitment to care and creativity.


Accessibility isn’t an Afterthought

Promoting the idea that ‘one size fits all’ would do a disservice to our clients and the people they serve. We recognise that everyone has different needs and it’s our job to deliver designs that work for the people who use them.


Power Lies in the Hands of Everyone

The more perspectives we hear, the stronger we are. We strive to create an environment where everyone’s voice is heard and genuinely contributes to our decisions. Our goal is to systematically decentralise power at Studio Lutalica so a greater number of people have a tangible stake in the business.


Wellbeing Comes First

We’re committed to fostering a supportive and nurturing environment that prioritises the health of our team members and this isn’t something that we will compromise on under pressure.


We’re Redefining What ‘Professional’ Means

People from disadvantaged backgrounds and neurodivergent people are just some of the groups forced to mask their behaviour to be accepted in the workplace. This is fundamentally elitist, ableist and exclusionary. Instead, we advocate for professionalism defined by empathy, respect, and responsibility, where you can bring your whole self to work.


We Offer a Safe and Empathetic Space

One of our principal initiatives as an agency is to create a safe and empathetic space for people to fully express themselves. This is for all of our clients, but particularly those who work in sensitive or niche areas.


Environmental Justice is Non-Negotiable

The rights of women and LGBTQ+ across the globe are fundamentally bound up with the climate crisis. We are living through a climate emergency, and take responsibility for minimising our environmental impact through sustainable business practices.


Never Stop Learning

We’re in a perpetual ‘learning phase.’ While we are experts in our field, we never assume that we know everything. We value active listening, questioning our beliefs, and staying attuned to emerging trends and industry developments.

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