InterPride is a global network which brings together Pride organisations from around the world. They have over 400 member organisations, from every continent and over 70 countries. Their mission is to unite and amplify LGBTQ+ celebration. We helped InterPride launch their new website, paying particular attention to UX/UI, with the aim of encouraging more organisations to become members.



Our Role

UX/UI / Development


We modernised the InterPride website by increasing white space and incorporating moving elements. Because the rainbow flag has such a strong resonance with the community, the client wanted it to feature in the new design. The bold sans serif fonts, full-width banners and minimalist layout offset the rainbow motif, keeping the overall aesthetic clean and contemporary.

We adapted the website for mobile and tablet, ensuring the best experience for visitors on each device. The overall layout translates well to mobile, and tablet, but we completely changed elements such as the main navigation bar, which becomes a full-screen hamburger (yum!) menu on mobile.

Modular Layout


“With the introduction of our new website, Studio Lutalica transformed our organization’s digital presence overnight. They were able to adapt to our demands as they evolved and gave us clear ideas and proposals. We are thrilled to be using a more powerful CMS that affords us the freedom to make adjustments fast and efficiently and have seen a dramatic uptick in both member’s and website traffic since launching our new site. Cecilia, Nathalie, and the whole team at Lutalica were so friendly, professional, responsive, and easy to work with. Our partnership is continuing, and it is a privilege to work with such a top-tier group that always exceeds our expectations by treating every customer with kindness and real concern. We are so grateful for all of the incredible support from the team at Studio Lutalica!”

– Dr. Ryan A. Starzyk, Global Project Manager at InterPride