Days of Rage

ONE Archives Foundation (OAF) is a nonprofit organization that documents, preserves and displays pieces of LGBTQIA+ history and culture. They wanted to create a minisite that would serve as an online exhibition for ‘Days of Rage,’ a display of posters used by gay and trans activists. More than a blog or magazine, Days of Rage needed to look and feel like an accessible exhibition, to be experienced via screen.


Days of Rage

Our Role

Web Design / UX/UI / Development


Although from a user-perspective there’s a lot of variability on-site, there are actually only three web templates throughout the Days of Rage exhibition site, and a range of clickable lightboxes. We wanted people to feel like they could walk around a defined space, but new elements would jump out, like your eyes traveling around an exhibition space as you focus on elements, descriptions and pieces.

It was important that Days of Rage could be enjoyed via mobile, tablet and computer alike, particularly as the foundation has dedicated programmes for school kids, who are significantly more likely to use mobile. On mobile, the screens that slide across part of the screen on desktop take up the full screen, but with the same sliding movement.

Visual Identity and Interactions