Jessica Lanyadoo

Jessica Lanyadoo is a Humanistic Astrologer, Psychic Medium, tarot reader, and Animal Communicator. Ghost of a Podcast, her astrology and advice show, is one of the most-loved programmes on the topic. She also lectures on astrology and mediumship, and has had her own private practice in San Francisco since 1994.

Lanyadoo creates a lot of brilliant content, and it was important that this was easily accessible on the new site. She wanted the layout to be engaging, but also show visitors what was on offer.


Jessica Lanyadoo

Our Role

UX/UI / Web Design / Animation

Web Design

The design concept was a marriage of chaos and order – much like the cosmos! We kept Lanyadoo’s vibrant heterogenous illustrations and bright pastel palette, but framed each element in an asymmetrical grid. These brutal lines added just enough structure to keep Jessica’s dynamism from feeling overpowering. It also gives agency to the user, as hierarchy between pages is limited. However, as described below, animation allowed us to give users clarity amongst the commotion.

Mobile + Tablet

While on Desktop users experience every section of the site at once, on Mobile each section is given a full screen. This allowed us to keep the site vibrant and busy, but easily navigable. Now, first-time visitors can land on the site and instantly understand what’s on offer, so they can land on what appeals to them.



“I had an amazing experience working with studio Lutalica! Their ability to synthesize and organize a sizable amount of information on my website in a way that is beautiful, unique, and engaging is unparalleled in my experience. I came to Cecilia with a pretty challenging and multifarious aesthetic. They were not only able to streamline it, but they were also able to give me exactly what I wanted and more! I really love my website. Chef’s kiss + 10 stars!”

– Jessica Lanyadoo