Babe Yarns

Babe Yarns is the side project of artist Molly JF Caldwell, who hand dyes and spins the yarn in her studio in Calgary, AB. She uses an antique machine carder and a secondhand Lendrum spinning wheel to make her original textiles. We helped Molly create a vibrant, fresh visual identity for her yarn business.


Babe Yarns

Our Role

Logo Design / Brand Identity


We experimented with various concepts that would encapsulate the materiality of yarn and the contemporary boldness of Molly’s project. The final logo is a happy marriage between edge and softness. We chose the font Subjectivity, in large part, for its quirky flicks on particular letters, which we extended in order to link the titular words with a strong, thin, yarn-like line.

Brand Identity

We selected the widely accessible sans-serif font Subjectivity for Molly, which is bold, clear and contemporary but, if you look carefully, has subtle accents and flicks that nod to craft. Central to Babe Yarns identity is the ultra bold primary colour palette and the soft pastel secondary colour pallette – more on this below.