LVNDR Health

LVNDR is a new platform giving LGBT+ people equal access to healthcare. The LVNDR app will connect queer folks to sexual health services, without alienating users or making assumptions about their needs. LVNDR’s goal is to be a single touchpoint for the health needs of the international LGBT+ community.


LVNDR Health

lvndr white logo on a red and purple gradient background

Our Role

Branding / Copywriting / Web Design / Development


Lutalica helped tease out a consistent and strident voice for LVNDR that would appeal to app users and partners alike: two groups with very different profiles. Using activist websites and zine culture as inspiration, Lutalica gave each core element of the new website confidence, purpose and clarity.



An area close to our hearts, Lutalica worked especially closely with LVNDR’s internal team, making this entire project more of a collaboration. Working under intense time pressure to meet a fixed re-launch date, Lutalica rallied its team of designers, branding experts and copywriters to produce a web experience that would propel LVNDR’s forthcoming launch.

The main challenge for this project was designing a website that would appeal to both LGBTQ+ users as well as healthcare professionals and partners. This meant that it had to be fun, original and appealing as well as fully accessible and practical. Because LVNDR is developing a mobile-first app, it was essential that the launch site was optimised for all devices: mobile and tablet, as well as web. We worked closely with LVNDR’s team to strike the balance between accessibility, usability and originality.


“I cannot recommend working with Cecilia more. Although the project was a heavy and time sensitive one, the Lutalica team always showed up prepared, enthusiastic and motivated to work together to create something worthy of the queer community. With a deep understanding and a genuine passion for our work in delivering free healthcare to our community the team worked tirelessly alongside us to deliver on the deadline and I could not be more grateful for the kindness and support during our collaboration.”

– Araxie Boyadjian, LVNDR Co-founder