OutBritain, the UK’s First LGBT+ Chamber of Commerce, made the decision to create a way of officially certifying that a UK business is LGBTQ+ owned. OutBritain hopes that LGBTBE (LGBT+ Business Enterprise) certification will also help to connect queer-owned businesses and foster a spirit of collaboration and community in commerce.



Our Role

Logo Design / Brand Identity

Responsive Logo


More than anything, we used our expertise in the sector when it came to developing the brand identity for LGBTBE. The familiar rainbow colours were given an edge in their implementation, which took inspiration from art-deco. We used the typeface is Menrope as it provides clean lines and curves through its’ characters; helping the logo look modern and appropriate in a variety of contexts.


Our hope is that the LGBTBE certification branding will immediately signify queer-owned in the eyes of the wider public. We applied the branding to the first certificates; to letterheads, and to the stickers that LGBTBE certified businesses can put on storefront windows. It’s one thing to create a neat design; another for it to work in situ.



From start to finish the journey with Studio Lutalica has been a smooth and professional one. Their talent is limitless and without equal. They are truly an inspirational business and we at OutBritain look forward to working with them again very soon!

– Matt Dabrowski, Founder & CEO, OutBritain and OutScotland