re|scripted is a collective of feminist education specialists, scholars and researchers, offering consultancy services to schools and organisations. They exist to ‘inspire, complicate, support and lead practices of intersectional theories of gender and difference.’ We had the pleasure of re-branding the feminist education consultancy and designing and developing their new website.



Our Role

Branding / UX/UI / Development



Visible lines divide sections of the website, like an industrial grid. These are both functional (improving accessibility and legibility), and aesthetic; giving the website an edgy feel, which is offset by organic shapes and hand-drawn lines. Text heavy, we broke up copy with blobs of colour from the brand pallet and animated them so they spin when site visitors hover over each one.

The website is responsive and stacks differently according to the device a visitor is using. For example, on mobile the menu occupies most of the screen, but only appears when a visitor selects it, while on the ‘Our Work’ page, instead of a gallery of tiles, a single tile occupies the full width of the screen and they stack.

Website visitors have 3 colour palettes to view the website in, making full use of the brand palette. Visually and experientially, this expresses the organisation’s creativity and forward-thinking mentality. Practically, this increases accessibility as different colour combinations are better suited to people with different needs.