The Alkemistry

The Alkemistry is a female-founded luxury jewellery multi-brand concept. Alongside their exclusive designs, you’ll find pieces from international female jewellers from small independent businesses borrowing inspiration from the strong women around them.


The Alkemistry

A concertina with the logo of the Alkemistry and golden planet illustration on it.

Our Role

Brand Strategy / Art Direction / Collateral / Web


Various illustrations of golden looking planets.

Golden planets and other graphics were used across digital, print and visual merchandising to reflect the magical atmosphere created by The Alkemistry.


Homepage of the Alkemistry with a picture of a woman wearing golden jewels.

As a digital showcase, the website had to reflect the high standards and unique style of The Alkemistry. Emphasis was put on optimizing the user experience and faithfully transcribing the brand meticulously aesthetic universe. To achieve a flexible reinvention of the online visual identity without the need for a developer, the platform was changed from WordPress to Wix. As per the brand tagline, the website is modern and meaningful, allowing to bring luxury at home.

This change of direction was also an opportunity to promote exceptional customer services. Events and booking functionalities were created to ensure ease of mind for modern women: The Alkemistry professionalism and savoir-faire at your fingertips.

Digital Content

The development of the stores also was a central point. Eye-catching promotional videos were broadcast on dedicated screens in the windows of the Covent Garden flagship. In the spirit of the times, without overdoing it, they immersed customers in The Alkemistry experience. Videos and animations were also created for various social media campaigns. Classy and sophisticated.

Photo Editing


Space Design

View of the store having two jewelry display cabinets on the left and a single glass cabinet with a box in it on the right.

The Alkemistry flagship in Covent Garden, London was designed to follow Feng Shui practices to create a welcoming and harmonious environment. Each section of the store recalls one of the four elements: water, fire, earth and air. The everchanging jewellery offering asks for a frequent window dressing redesign, including the creation of new vinyls for the majestic windows.