the part of your identity that doesn’t fit into categories
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the part of your identity that doesn’t fit into categories
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Content Creation

Studio Lutalica offers cutting-edge but down-to-earth Art Direction and Content Creation services to people across the US, UK, mainland Europe and beyond. We can help you with animation for videos, create Social Media plans, and more – either for or in collaboration with your in-house team.

Our experienced art directors will help you realise your vision by bringing in the right creative practitioners for your project. We think about your industry and the interests and approach of our content creators, as we believe these qualities are just as important as technical ability when it comes to producing great work.

Having a detailed content strategy plays an essential part in your brand’s planning, development and management process. We can give you direction and advice by creating guidelines to assist with content creation, image use and copywriting, keeping your longterm mission and short terms goals in mind along the way.

Alongside this, we’ll conduct research into similar organisations in your field, to establish which sort of content is gaining the most traction and gaps in the market. To truly understand your wants and desires, we strive to engage in back-and-forth communication between ourselves and your brand, assisting you to create a content strategy that fits your vision.

As a human-centred business, Lutalica is constantly thinking about how your target audience will relate to your offering. Developing a content strategy is a key way to dig deep into the future aspirations for your brand, by focusing on how you will use content to directly address your target demographic. We strive to foster genuine relationships with our clients, sparked by invigorating content, open lines of communication and shared goals.

As well as content production and content strategy, we can liaise with your in-house or freelance creative team to help them deliver the right creative content for you.

We specialise in guiding and overseeing creative processes across all visual (and some written) mediums. Whether we’re directing your team, our team, or a combination of both, we’ll ensure that all deliverables are completed to the highest standard, and meet all project requirements.

Our art director will take your objectives, target audience, and goals into account during concept development. Through collaborative brainstorming sessions, we generate innovative ideas that perfectly resonate with your vision.

As well as experience and a good eye, good Art Directors will create a working environment where ideas flourish, and your expectations for the project are met (or exceeded). In our visual world, this is an area of your enterprise that you should get right and we can help you do it!

Photography is one of the most efficient ways to show people what you do and who you are. Through detailed research, we’ll find the right photographer for your budget, location and project. We believe that having a connection with your subject shows itself in the final product. For this reason, we endeavour to source photographers who have an interest in your enterprise and the subject they’ll be photographing on the day – no matter how niche the topic or theme!

We have already established working relationships with a diverse variety of photographers on a global scale, and are dedicated to finding the right one for you by conducting interviews and providing you with the best options to choose from. We look at the bigger picture, so we can understand where you, as our client, are coming from, as well as where you’re aiming to go.

We’re mindful of your future needs, as well as those of your audience. As a result, you can expect our photographers to undertake all of your editing needs, to ensure that all provided images accurately fit your organisation’s creative vision.

Illustrations are an incredibly useful visual tool.

Compared to photography, hand-drawn and digitally rendered images can allow you to represent individuals, such as minors or vulnerable groups, without the ethical complications that can sometimes arise with other forms of visual content.

As well as being a tool to both represent and protect the identity of vulnerable groups, illustration can cover events, topics and subjects that might be too graphic if rendered in a realistic manner, or through photography.

We work with a number of illustrators, each with a wide, but distinct, stylistic repertoire. We want to start by getting to know you, so we can understand what you’re looking for, and discover what you need. This will ensure we come up with the key concepts that will drive the content you are wanting to produce. Then we follow a recursive process of discovery, experimentation and finessing until we’re ready to implement your new work.

In the ever-growing digital world, social media can be a pivotal tool for interacting with your target audience, sharing information and establishing virtual communities and networks.

Here at Studio Lutalica, we can offer you direction and advice by creating social media guidelines for your organisation. This will often involve designing templates for content to be posted on sites including, but not limited to, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook.

Our approach is heavily design focused and catered specifically to your organisation’s already established branding and core values. We produce creative solutions with lasting impact. Our open and communicative engagement method allows us to understand what you’re looking for, and discover what you need.

Once we are familiarised with your visual values as a client, we will build social media design templates on software including Figma and Canva. Our intensive discovery phase means we welcome feedback in every step of the designing process, always leaving you with a final product that both matches your creative vision and attracts the attention of your target audience.

If you’ve got a big pitch, or series of pitches to make, or if you offer any kind of service, it’s well worth investing in your slides, presentation visuals and decks.

We can create templates that will elevate your brand and make a lasting impact on your audience. Our expertise in design and understanding of the importance of professional presentations help people in a range of industries and fields make an impact.

A well-designed presentation shows that you believe in what you’re doing and that you respect your audience’s time and attention. It subtly communicates that you care about the details and are committed to seeing things through.

Slide presentations and decks with consistent branding elements (colours, fonts, logos, etc.) reinforce your brand identity, increasing brand recognition and establishing trust and credibility with your audience.

If you commission us to create templates, rather than a specific slide deck, we’ll also work hard to provide something versatile and sustainable. Templates are also a good way of making your slide or deck creations more efficient, as they offer you a structured format that you just need to duplicate and update each time.

Let us know what you need and we’ll help you build something novel and engaging!

Film has the power to inspire, identify and inform your audience, perhaps more so than any other medium.

We see video content everywhere now – from our friends, brands, and broadcasters, to social media platforms and internet forums, the video format as a whole is growing across all platforms – and its budgets sit side-by-side.

As an enterprise, we try to avoid this mentality, but in a very real way, your video content is increasingly likely to compete against the likes of major retailers and celebrities.

Studio Lutalica has particular expertise in using video for advocacy, as well as to explain, educate and inform. As a format, video is often recognised as being less ambiguous, and more engaging than text-based and static communication.

Our team of freelancers includes creatives who specialise in film editing and social media management, so we can offer reliable advice and all the finishing touches you need to publish your content.

Our process is based on the Double Diamond process designed by the Design Council. The process itself was built to help break projects into smaller, more manageable sections. These sections are broken into four main parts: Discover, Define, Develop and Deliver. Each focuses on phases of the process, the Research, the Synthesis, the Ideation, and the implementation.

When it comes to video editing, we recognise storyboarding as being a roadmap to guide us through the production process. We research, ideate and elaborate on the concepts you like, so you can expect to have all of your video needs clarified and understood every step of the way.

Did you know that animation just means the creation of movement? We use it here to mean adding movement to visual elements and the process of drawing or designing moving visuals from scratch. It’s a beautifully versatile medium, which you’ll know from movies and advertisements, as well as social media and websites.

Animation can translate complex ideas quickly and sharply. It’s a powerful tool that can increase your chances of getting noticed and remembered across platforms. You can (and should!) incorporate animation into websites, social media posts, and videos.

Here are a few reasons why you should add animation to your content:

  1. Animation simplifies complex ideas, enabling businesses to communicate their message more effectively. By visually breaking down intricate concepts, animated content becomes easily understandable and engaging for a wider audience.
  2. Animation makes content more memorable. The combination of visuals, motion, and storytelling creates a lasting impact on viewers, increasing brand recall and sharing potential. It helps businesses stand out and leaves a strong impression on their target audience.
  3. You can represent whatever you like, no matter how expensive, dangerous or unusual.
  4. Animation is known to directly increase engagement and appeal to algorithms on major platforms. Whether it’s short clips, explainer videos, or GIFs, animated content is understood to outperform static content almost every time.

Let us help you leverage the power of animation and create visually compelling content that will resonate with your audience.

Studio Lutalica has produced bespoke copy for a wide variety of clients and for a diverse number of mediums. We offer copywriting services for annual reports, your website, campaign collateral and more.

Our copywriters start by auditing your current processes around writing and communications. If you don’t have an up to date tone of voice documents, we recommend including a tone of voice discovery workshop as part of the project, but this can all be discussed when we finalise the details of the project.

People tend to scan over text when reading via a screen, so you need to harness web-specific techniques to get your message across. We offer support for how to hit and embed all of the key SEO targets to ensure your content is reaching the top of the algorithm and being seen by as many people as possible.

At Studio Lutalica, we are all about diversity and inclusion. As a result, we pride ourselves on our ability to ensure that your copywriting is accessible for all audiences, by making sure basic requirements such as alt text, structure, space, contrast and hyperlinks are met.

SEO Content

Did you know you can cut down or eliminate the need for digital advertising by improving your website’s SEO?

SEO involves making sure that your content is optimised in a way that pushes your website up the algorithm, ensuring it gets as many clicks from your target audience as possible.

We can provide guidance and expertise about increasing your content’s visibility through the use of keywords, site structure, meta descriptions and backlinks.

However, we also appreciate that effective SEO strategies aren’t limited to copy, so we have a team of experts who can assist with web development and coding, to ensure your content gets the recognition it deserves.

Content Creation Process


We start with a discovery phase.

We kick things off by sending over a series of discovery questionnaires, after which we’ll have an interactive workshop to begin the ideation process and make sure we fully understand what you need. This will also allow us to adjust any timelines and ensure we have the right specialists on board, now that we’ve confirmed the scope of the project. As well as consulting you, we perform our own research and analysis of your industry, competitors, and target market to gather valuable insights.


We deliver an outline of the final product.

Depending on the demands of the project, we would then either outline the essentials of a content strategy and/or our designers would generate visual concepts to give you a flavour of what your content might look like.


We develop these ideas into concepts.

From there, we can develop a content strategy that might be incredibly precise and split out by channel, with dates and content ideas. Or, if we’re only creating visuals to meet the requirements of your content plans, we’ll begin to work our initial concepts into drafts for your comments and feedback. What these drafts look like will depend on the content we’re producing, but it could involve a prototype, storyboard or script, for example.


We iterate and refine based on feedback.

Our Content Production team will then take your comments and feedback and complete the prototypes accordingly. We’ll agree on a set number of revisions in advance, to give you ample opportunity to ask for amendments.


We deliver according to your needs.

Once signed off, we’ll share the designs in the pre-agreed format, so that the people on your team can access them. In most cases, we can also post or distribute the content we create for you – if this is something you need help with, just let us know and we can draw up a plan.

Content Creation Clients

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