HER is an international dating app for LGBTQ+ women and queer folks. Their aim is to create a safe and inclusive space for their 8 million+ audience to connect with each other, whether they’re looking for dates or community. We gave HER’s website an update, working on UX/UI and Web Development.



Our Role

UX/UI / Web Development


HER’s logo is, and was, a warm red. Following the mobile app, we offset this flagship red with a series of muted pastel tones for the web background. Though the majority of users hit download pretty quickly, some users have specific queries. To avoid having a brick of text, we put a series of FAQs at the bottom of the page in a collapsable ‘accordion format.’

Our aim was for LGBTQ+ women and queer folk to feel an immediate sense of belonging when they land on HER’s page: ready to take the plunge and connect with new friends and lovers.

Modular Layout

Mobile First