London Youth Gateway

London Youth Gateway is a multi-service organisation providing support to 18-25 year-olds facing homelessness. New Horizon Youth Centre, Depaul UK, Shelter, Stonewall Housing, akt, Galop, and Praxis work in partnership under the LYG banner, with the aim of eradicating youth homelessness. We created a modern, vibrant visual identity for London Youth Gateway, including a new responsive logo.


London Youth Gateway

main logo for london youth gateway: the initials L,Y,G are created out of geometric coloured shapes and are positioned vertically, next to the words London Youth Gateway, in purple sans serif font on a white background

Our Role

Logo Design / Brand Identity

Responsive Logo

Brand Identity

Rich purple is the predominant colour in the branding kit, followed by warm pink, pastel lavender, bold jade and mustard yellow. Each of these colours have soft counterparts, which can be used for hover elements, and to add variety. We chose Europa as the brand font. Europa works well for both headers and body copy, and it is widely accessible and legible. The font’s creator describes Europa as ‘a modern sans serif combining geometric reduction and humanistic vitality’; qualities which correspond well with London Youth Gateway’s mission.

Photo-Graphic Elements


a series of block coloured geometric shapes placed in such a way that they create illustrated characters - minimal black line additions give the impression of feet, legs and facial expressions

Another way we incorporated the coloured geometric blocks was through illustration. We created a series of simple expressive designs that can be used like emojis. This was especially useful for our client as it is not always easy, or possible, to feature service-users on site, given the sensitive nature of some cases and the young age of the target audience.


“The Lutalica team were a delight to work with. Their values of prioritising projects that support people from marginalised communities lined up perfectly with our values and approach. They really understood our client group and provided a great selection of design solutions for us to explore. We’re really happy with our new brand and they were very hands on with helping us implement all of their beautiful design work, which made a real difference to the quality of our work. We’re looking forward to working with them in the future and we highly recommend them to anyone looking for modern, original design work.”

– Polly Stephens, Communications & Campaigns Manager