Womankind Worldwide

Womankind Worldwide is an international women’s rights organisation with a 30-year history of supporting groups and organisations across the globe. They equip women’s rights organisations with the resources they need to challenge oppression and improve the lives of women and non-gender-conforming people. We produced the organisation’s latest Strategy Report and Impact Report.


Womankind Worldwide

Our Role

UX/UI / Development / Editorial Design / Illustration / Social Media

Strategy Report

Instead of a standard printable PDF document, we created a fully interactive microsite to deliver the Strategy Report. We flipped the script and used a horizontal aspect ratio of standard Strategy Reports. The reader is encouraged to move forwards through the report, thanks to illustrated arrows, reflecting Womankind’s progressive, collaborative, future-facing mission.

This fully responsive site stacks vertically on mobile devices, as the continuous scroll movement and user experience were deemed more important than the desktop aspect ratio. However, we broke up the top-down structure with left-to-right carousels, capturing the forward movement described above.

Impact Report



I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you all for all of your work on Our Feminist Future. We have been sharing it with staff, trustees, partners, contacts, networks and social media and the responses are extremely positive. This is due to the substance of the strategy, of course, but definitely also the way it is so very beautifully and creatively presented. It looks amazing. Thanks for your incredible patience, flexibility, willingness to go with ideas, expertise and professionalism. We have a client-supplier relationship obviously and a contract, but it hasn’t really felt like that kind of thing at all. I’m really proud of what we have produced together.

– Chris McWilliams, Interim Communications Manager at Womankind Worldwide